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My Last Saturday at Herbein

My Last Saturday

Joann – Herbein Tax Intern
From New York City – Albright College Lions
Halfway to her goal of speaking eight languages

Time really has gone by so quickly… I cannot believe that this is my last Saturday here! It’s bittersweet – sad that it’s almost over already, but exciting to have been able to participate in such an amazing internship!

The past few days, it’s been a lot slower here for me. I’ve been working on less returns overall, but these returns were really long (I had all these piles of papers for ONE return!). But I’m done them now (YAY) and I’m happy about that. This has been great because it lets me end my tax internship in a rather extremely stress-free mood. :) I feel that the environment here is slightly that way too – there was a plateau of panic, and now there’s that quiet buzz of getting last minute things done (well, for some here at least!).

Currently, there are no tax returns left for me to do (that might change soon!) –I’m relaxing in my cubicle that will only be mine until Monday (like I said before, I can’t believe how quickly this all has happened!). On a side note: I’ve been so productive at this desk – maybe I should get my own office at home… :)

Tip (maybe not so much actually) for future interns: get your work done earlier for less stress at the end of your internship experience! Trust me, it’s worth it when white hairs aren’t suddenly sprouting from your head and when you’re not forming wrinkles overnight from all that scrunching of your face because of the extra load of work you have waiting for you!