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My First Tax Season - Philip

My First Tax Season - Philip

Philip Rogers - Herbein Tax Intern
Pittsburgh, PA
Duquesne University

I enjoyed an awesome winter tax internship at Herbein’s Pittsburgh office. Starting with the interview process, Herbein added a personal touch every step of the way. Although my interviewers were from the Reading office, they repeatedly checked on my progress to check up on me and see how I was doing. This is just one of the examples of the closeness of the firm.

The atmosphere in the Pittsburgh office should be the envy of all corporate business settings. Although they were constantly working hard, everyone had a positive attitude and made it easy to come back between classes. From the start I never felt like an outsider, I was never turned away from asking a question and was frequently visited by partners, managers and staff walking by to see if I had a problem and we could solve it.

Not only did I meet some great people with my time spent at Herbein, but I learned a tremendous amount as well. The entire team was constantly supportive and encouraging especially when I asked questions about why we do taxes this way. The entire Pittsburgh office was really amazing and I cannot thank each of them enough for the wonderful experience. It helped reassure me I chose the right major.

Herbein taught me plenty of new skills, which will help me throughout my accounting career at school. They showed me what I am working towards becoming and the opportunity was an extremely motivating challenge. This was my first tax season and I hope to have the opportunity to work with everyone and would recommend the internship to anyone.