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March Madness

March Madness

Victoria – 2013 Tax Intern
From Wyomissing, PA – Albright College Lions
Visited/toured Herbein wh
ile a high school student!

On Friday, Herbein + Company had a March Madness Party during lunch, which was so much fun! There was so much food at the event including pizza, fruit, and cake, everything was delicious.

The party was a nice break from the day and it was wonderful talking with some of the other Herbein + Company employees. One of the people I sat with was Bob Caster who had a two way hat on that supported both Temple University and Penn State University.

At the party, some of the basketball games for March Madness were streamed on the big screen. After the fun break, it was back to work doing the returns. Not only is March Madness in the basketball world going on but also in the tax world. The entire tax department is super busy with only three weeks until April 15th! Till next time.