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Making Choices

Joann Pun - Herbein Intern

Making Choices

We all have to make decisions sometimes. Some are much more difficult than others, some will make you the happiest person you could possibly be, and others may change your life in the most inevitable of ways. A few months ago, I had to make a decision that didn’t seem to be of great magnitude in my overall life/career choices. And if you asked me a year ago where I think I would be heading, I would have told you three words: New York City.

Pennsylvania was always just supposed to be a short detour for me: go to college in PA, get accepted at a firm in NYC, and that’s that. How did all of that change? I made a decision. An unplanned one at that – I decided to send my resume in for an internship that my college’s career office emailed to me and before you know it, I’ve agreed to taking on the internship after my interview. You can thank a certain partner at Herbein, who did an excellent job of convincing me about the perks of what Herbein had to offer – and guess what? He wasn’t wrong. I’ve been able to do many things that I may not have otherwise been able to do elsewhere. I like having options, and so far, I have not been disappointed. And to even further show you how much I’ve liked it at Herbein, I accepted their full-time job offer on the spot (didn’t even have to think much about it)!

I guess it’s settled – PA is not just a quick, temporary stop for me. I’ve just moved into a nice place to live in and I have so many other things that I have planned for the next few years here. I don’t know what’s going to happen for now, but I can tell you one thing is for sure – I’m eventually retiring to a one floor apartment in NYC (yeah, it’s happening!) and then I’m travelling the world. Maybe I might even end up spending the next fifty years in PA.

So what am I trying to tell all of you that are currently looking around at places to intern (or even work full-time)? Make sure that you like where you’re working – it helps to make the decision that much easier. For me, it was Herbein, and I am happy with my choice. That is why internships are very, very important – it gives you a sneak peek to the real thing (the environment, the people, the pace of work), something you will never really know without the actual observation and experience.

Happy intern/job hunting to all of you who are currently looking… That choice of yours might also change your future as you know it - hopefully in a good way :)