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I'll Be Back Soon

Stephanie Atkins - Herbein Intern

As my final blog for the summer, I just want to remind everyone how grateful I am to have had this experience.  Being able to work in the audit department this summer has prepared me for my career at Herbein more than I could have ever imagined.

Not only did I get to work hands on at the clients and do the actually work that I will be doing when I become full time, but I got to meet my future coworkers and interact with them in a work environment as well.  Being a part of Herbein this summer has given me the exposure I needed to be able to feel comfortable starting full time next summer.  I am so happy that I got the opportunity to have a preview of what my future will be.  Everyone in the audit department made this summer so easy and enjoyable.  I never felt pressured or rushed and anyone I asked would always help me with my questions.

I can’t wait to return in the spring for round 2 of the tax internship and I will be back in the audit department next summer!