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I Cannot Think of A Wittier Title Than The End

I Cannot Think of A Wittier Title Than The End

Joann – Herbein Tax Intern
From New York City – Albright College Lions
Halfway to her goal of speaking eight languages

One word to sum up my internship at Herbein: AMAZING. (Yes, I really like that word.)
I cannot believe that it was a little over three months ago that I started here!

On the first day, I was really nervous and had all these questions and scenarios running through my head. What if I did a bad job? What if I did not know what to do? What if I don’t remember anything I learned from tax class? What if? What if?? What if??? And to be honest, on my first day here, I felt overwhelmed! We had our training – and since I did not know much as a newbie, I was terrified that I would be the only intern that would do a bad job. By the end of that week, I was feeling much better – it really isn’t all that scary! By week two, I was getting accustomed to the system that was used for tax and I was also getting into a rather comfortable routine. It was in week two when I realized that I really liked this stuff. It encouraged me to think (let alone, it made me feel SMART when I knew what I was doing). Also, the most valuable of all – I learned so much more than I ever did (or could) in tax class. I had a good professor, don’t get me wrong, but (to me), NOTHING beats having the real hands-on experience.

During the internship, I made sure to ask questions. I’m the type of person that asks “Why?” all the time (sometimes even too much!). Everyone, I asked questions to, was more than great at helping out – and I understood more and more. The only thing I hope is that my super curious, I-want-to-know-everything tendencies did not annoy those I asked the most questions to (they know who they are!). I’m sure I did – so I apologize here!! :)

If there was anything that I could change about my time working here, I don’t think I would. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it and I’m sure you future interns will as well. OH, that reminds me! If you do a good job, you get these amazing emails/praises from people here! When I come into the office and check my email and get something like that, it makes me feel great (and it’s also an awesome way to start the day!).
Now, it’s the end and it’s been the best internship experience I’ve had so far! I won’t forget this incredible time here! Okay… I’m really bad at ending things – so I’ll just say this:
Thanks for everything Herbein, and good luck to all future interns! You’ll all be amazing! :)