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Guess Who is Back?

Joann Pun - Herbein Intern

Guess Who is Back?

Guess who is back?! Yes, it’s me – AGAIN. This time, it’s in a whole new setting and a whole new line of work. I am an Accounting + Auditing (A+A) intern now and the only similarities to tax are: I still see many different numbers, they’re both labeled as forms of accounting, and I get to write up some blog posts for all of you to read! Don’t worry though – I still have plenty to talk about.

Before “officially” starting as an A+A intern, I was invited to Firm Day – a day of free food, fun, and lots of sun! I started out the day at the Berkshire Country Club, where I got some free food – something I usually try not to turn down – and then a few hours of some upbeat speeches about the awesomeness of the people in the firm and several fun prizes (I was a tad bit envious of someone who got a THOUSAND dollars to go shopping– I was already imagining all the things I could have bought…)! We each received fifty dollars though (yes, each of us) and got to do anything we wanted. How amazing is that, right? I went mini-golfing with a group of people – which only proved how bad my eye-hand coordination is (I got the worst score). We spent some time at the batting cages, and ahem, let me be honest with you right now – I have never, ever, ever, ever played softball before. I put the first coin in and the softballs started flying. I passed the red taped-line on the ground – which I assume was a do-not-pass-warning line. I didn’t even use the taped box on the ground that they had there (I’m guessing so people know where to stand). I swung and missed – every time. Another intern was there and told me that I was swinging too late. I put the second coin in and that was when I thought to myself – swing when the ball seems too far away, and what do you know, I HIT IT! I’m not going to brag or anything, but after that moment, I probably made about 75% of the hits. Like I said, not even gloating right now…

So after that fun-filled day, we had two full days of training. My excel spreadsheet must have not liked me very much since it refused to work for me – but that was alright. I still got the gist of what needed to be talked about (if you must, know the Big 5 or 7 depending on how you look at it!). And then I had a four day weekend!

To the curious, that was what my first week was like at Herbein. If you are still interested in learning about the wonderful world of an A+A intern, keep reading. I will be back with weekly posts – no matter how busy I get. You all are just too important!