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Back for the Summer

Megan Schmehl - Herbein Intern

Back for the Summer

Well I know it has been quite a while since I wrote to everyone in this blog but I am back again for the summer!

Some exciting things have happened since my last post, and I have to start with the number one... I have been officially hired by Herbein + Company as a Staff Accountant in the Auditing Department! I will begin my adventure in January 2014 after I FINALLY graduate in December. I can not express how excited and grateful I am for this opportunity. Again, this just goes to show how important internships are as I stated in my one blog! If you put forth the effort you will get great results.

Alright now lets move on to why I am back again for the summer. I and two other interns were asked to come back and try out a summer audit internship this year. This is going to be a great opportunity because a lot of different things are going in the summer that we can get experience with. I am going to have the opportunity to join the Employee Benefit Plan Team which I am very interested in learning about. Also, summertime is when school district audits take place so I will get some experience with that area.

I believe the summer internship is a great opportunity to learn new areas of auditing that are going to help me in my career it will give me a chance to develop more as a future auditor! I look forward to keeping everyone updated on my summer internship journey so stay tuned for my weekly posts, I hope everyone enjoys!