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Herbein + Company, Inc.

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Our Clients

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Our Clients

Services Tailored to Fit Your Needs

It’s not ‘what we can do’ for you but rather “what we actually do” for clients like you. Herbein has been an advisor for Family and Closely Held companies who are seeking a competitive edge in operations, financial reporting, and tax planning.

We serve the following types of clients:

Family-owned and Closely-held Business
Family –owned and closely-held businesses face many challenges and opportunities. What do we do with Junior? How do we break into international markets? Which of the kids is going to become the company president? How do we manage our high production costs? The list goes on….

Herbein provides big picture thinking for companies in every phase from start-up to exit. Herbein provides forward-looking guidance at each phase of the business life cycle.

Large Cap Companies
Within our practice, we consider Large Cap companies as being those with revenues exceeding $50 million. Large companies tend to be in the mature life stage with nationwide and international business operations.

Middle Market Companies
Middle Market means different things to different people. Herbein subscribes to the definition of Middle Market as containing companies usually one with 10 to 100 employees and revenues of $10 million to $50 million.

Companies in the middle market typically have multiple owners, may have various entities, and probably engage in international business operations.

As an independent regional firm associated with Allinial Global, we have resources to meet the needs of the middle market.

Small and Emerging Companies
Business owners typically start or buy a business based on one skill-set or a limited number of products. Successful owners tend to be extremely well-qualified within their field, have the drive to succeed, and have a plan to get their company pointed in the right direction fairly quickly. At some point, an owner-operator will hit a wall. The wall may be that the company is not viable in the marketplace, or it could be that the company operations are overwhelming. Many owners have the passion for what they do within their field, but running the financial side of the business may be a problem.

Herbein can help. Our team handles the financial reporting work so owners of small and emerging business can focus on what they do best. From monthly compilations and reviews to hands-on invoice processing, we work with the owners to develop an appropriate service offering.

Publicly Traded Companies
Herbein is registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB), yet by choice we do not provide any attest services to publicly traded companies. However, we do provide consulting services for publicly traded companies.

Entrepreneurs are known for their creativity, drive, and determination. They are not known for keeping their checkbook balanced!

Herbein works with entrepreneurs with one goal in mind – to develop a service plan that allows the entrepreneur to focus on what they do best. Our team can function as an outsourced accounting department. Our clients get the benefit of a real-live accountant who provides reports, insight, and support to help make decisions that will grow the business.

When an individual chooses Herbein, they will receive personal service from real people who are striving to maximize deductions and minimize tax exposure. In order to contain costs, we have staff accountants perform preliminary work. Herbein’s advantage is that the work is then reviewed by a more seasoned professional. This team approach results in great value.